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Brandon Olesh didn’t know how to grow his company. So, he came to the College to study marketing. And that’s when opportunities started exploding. Soon, Brandon will be on his way to growing more than a company - he’ll be building a unique career.

Before transferring to the College, Brandon ran a small but successful landscaping business. In order to take the company to the next level, he knew he would need more education. "I had a two-year degree in horticulture, but it was the business background that I lacked; and marketing expertise in particular," he explained. "So, I sold the business and focused on returning to college. That’s just about when the College introduced its marketing major, so the timing was perfect."

Brandon jumped right in. Working closely with professors, he sought out independent studies and internships. One internship he secured was with a firm that takes on the role of chief marketing officer for different organizations, many of them operating internationally. "It was great experience for me right off the bat. Instead of working in the marketing industry from the ground up, I had the chance to see it from the perspective of the executive level. I would never have had that opportunity if I hadn’t decided to come to the College."

That internship is just one of many unique opportunities that Brandon discovered in the marketing major. He was able to sit in on a presentation from the president of Mercedes-Benz USA and had lunch with the vice-president of marketing for Ford Motor Co. He also partnered with the faculty to re-establish the Student Marketing Association.

“The job market can be tough and students really need to differentiate themselves from their peers. We’ve fashioned this organization so that it gives students that opportunity. We can work on unique projects to enhance our résumés, network with marketing professionals and develop leadership skills working within the business structure of the organization. All of that offers great value for students," said Brandon.

Brandon feels that all of this experience is helping him position himself differently. “I want to have an advantage in the job market or if I start another business, and I know the background and the experience I’m getting in this program is doing that.”

Program Information

Major in marketing and put yourself in demand. Our students are uniquely qualified to augment the marketing efforts of companies and organizations. From conducting market research to developing strategic concepts, our graduates gain a comprehensive understanding of marketing through courses in consumer behavior, international marketing, advertising, social media marketing, sports marketing and other relevant topics. They also serve valuable internships and get insights into the business world from faculty who have run their own firms, managed product lines and earned international recognition for their work.


  • Our faculty’s expertise includes advertising, data mining, e-commerce, cross-cultural marketing, brand building and more.
  • We offer exciting electives such as the “Business of Television” taught by an Emmy- award winning producer.


  • Internships in Charleston are available. Our faculty can assist setting these up elsewhere as well.
  • The Student Marketing Association is a student-run organization offering networking opportunities with professionals in the field and valuable projects that can result in a stronger résumé.
  • Marketing executives are frequently invited into the classroom to help bridge the academic experience with the relevant, practical application of marketing knowledge and skills.

Contact Information

Rhonda Mack
Department Chair