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Pre-law Advising

Ever since she was involved with her high school’s award-winning mock trial team, Emily Nellermoe has been thinking about becoming an attorney. Now, she’s getting ready for law school and a life in the profession she’s dreamt about for years.

Meet Emily. Thoughtful, patient, composed – she’s the kind of person you would want to have working in the legal system. With a double major in economics and political science, she’s building a strong foundation for a law career. To that end, she has been superbly guided by the College’s pre-law advising office.

“I meet regularly with the director of the program. He’s currently helping me revise my résumé and fine-tune the personal statement that I’ll use when I apply to law school. He’s given me important advice about the application process, and has helped me establish a timetable that I feel will give me an advantage over other applicants. He’s also helped me evaluate my chances with the schools I’m interested in, so now I can home in on where I really want to go.”

For Emily, an important advantage has been the Maymester LSAT prep course that the Pre-Law Advising Program created. “It was a bargain, compared with other LSAT prep courses on the market. The timing was also important.

I took that class during the summer right before I took the actual test. That way, I was able to concentrate completely on the LSAT, and the prep work didn’t distract me from my regular college courses.”

As part of her preparation for law-school, Emily interned with the Department of Juvenile Justice. “I assisted in the probation unit, and was assigned to someone who handles 80 different cases at one time. I got first-hand experience regarding what goes on in the courtroom and in the system. I also met a number of attorneys and judges. It was really exciting and it definitely cemented my interest in law school.”

The Pre-Law Advising Program also introduces students to important people in the legal profession. “Recently, a prominent litigator from Florida came and spoke to us. He shared tips about the strategies he employs in the courtroom, and reinforced what we need to know about law school. Because of this type of programming, it’s all coming together for me now.”

Pre-Law Advising

Contact Information

Larry Krasnoff
program director

Our program supports students who are considering, preparing for and applying to law school. Since no particular coursework is required for law school, students who take part in this program pursue majors in a variety of disciplines. We do advise them on relevant classes to take, and guide them through all aspects of the law school application process. 

❱❱ We  work with students on their résumé and personal statement. 

❱❱ Students can take a four-week, non-credit LSAT preparation course.

❱❱ We also sponsor a range of extracurricular events on issues in the law, including discussions or lectures by experts in specific areas of law.