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Need information regarding graduation requirements?

Please visit the Registrar's Office Graduation Information webpage or contact us at or 843.953.5668.

Have a question about commencement ceremony tickets?

Please visit our Ticket Information webpage. If you have a question that is not addressed on our webpage, please contact us at

Have a question about the commencement times or location? 

Please visit the Commencement Information webpage. If you question that is not addressed on our website, please contact the Office of Institutional Events at 843.953.6673 or the Office of the Provost at 843.953.5527.

Need information about purchasing graduation items such as flowers, announcements, diploma frames, etc? 

Check out the College Bookstore webpage or call 843.953.5518. 

Need information about the alternative viewing locations for guests without tickets?

Please visit our Satellite Location webpage or contact the Office of the Provost at 843.953.5527.

Want help with life after graduation? 

Go to the Career Center webpage or contact us at or 843.953.5692.

Want to join the College's Alumni Association after graduation?

Please visit the Alumni Association webpage or contact us at or 843.953.5630.