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The window to reserve tickets online for the 2018 Spring Commencement Ceremonies is CLOSED.

Graduates for the Spring 2018 Commencement will receive FOUR (4) TICKETS for the Cistern Yard. Please see below for additional information about obtaining your tickets electronically through MyCharleston before 12:00 PM EST on May 10, 2018. 

How many tickets will each graduating student recieve?

Graduates will receive FOUR (4) TICKETS for the Cistern Yard, free of charge. 

How can a student determine if they are eligible for the ceremony? 

Please view the Commencement Ceremony Eligibility page to determine if you will be eligible for this ceremony and will be included on the list. 

Is there a charge for tickets?

There is no charge for commencement ceremony tickets. 

Where can additional guests watch the ceremony?

Alternative viewing outside of the Cistern Yard is provided in our satellite locations. These are available for the Spring Commencement ceremonies (only). Tickets are not required for guests to watch the ceremony at satellite locations. The ceremonies will also be live streamed on the website at

How are tickets distributed?

Please see the detailed dates and information below about electronic tickets. To reserve your tickets, log in to MyCharleston > Academic Services Tab > Commencement Tickets Channel. Reserve your tickets by the specified deadline.

If I am a double (or multiple) major, how do I reserve tickets?

Please see the detailed dates and information below about multiple major undergraduate candidates. Please complete the Multiple Major form emailed to you by the specified deadline. 

How do I ensure a QR code is visible on a printed or electronic ticket?

Click on the “View and print your tickets” link in your confirmation email. Make sure images are enabled in your email provider. Go to QR Code Help for additional assistance.


  • The window to reserve tickets online for the 2018 Spring Commencement Ceremonies is CLOSED.
  • Reserve Tickets Online (Open until 12:00 PM EST, May 10, 2018): To reserve your tickets, log in to MyCharleston and select the Academic Services Tab and locate the Commencement Tickets Channel.   Please note that the tickets you receive for your guests are unique to each ceremony and are not interchangeable.
  • Information for multiple major undergraduate candidates (Open until 10:00 AM EST, May 10, 2018): If you are a multiple major undergraduate candidate, please complete the Multiple Major form emailed to your official college email address.  (If you are an undergraduate with a single major, or a graduate student with single or multiple major(s), this bullet point does not apply to you.) 

    • The Multiple Major form must be completed before you can reserve your tickets.  Once you log-in with your CWID, the form will list your eligible majors.  Immediately below that list, you will see a drop down menu that lists all majors the College offers.  Please select one of your eligible majors.  But note-- once  you submit the form, you cannot make any changes. You will not be able to access this form if you change your mind later. If you select an ineligible major (one you have not declared or not completed), you will not be added to the Commencement Ticket list until the error is corrected.  The way that will happen is that you will receive an email prompting you to correct the error.  By selecting one of your majors, you will be selecting the ceremony you must attend. You may only participate in one ceremony and you may not participate with schools/majors other than your own.

    • If you fill out the Multiple Major form after the ticket channel opens at 11:00 AM EST on Thursday, April 12, your name will be added to the ticket list on the following Tuesday or Thursday by 6:00 PM EST.  Once we reach the week of May 7, we will add your name daily by 6:00 PM EST.  If you send the form on Thursday, May 10, we will add your name at 11:00 AM EST (this is not recommended as you will only have one hour to reserve your tickets).

  • Who needs a ticket: As a Candidate you do not need a ticket for commencement, but every other person, regardless of age, needs a ticket to enter Cistern Yard. (Tickets are not needed for satellite locations.)

  • Ticket details: 

    • Each candidate may reserve up to four (4) tickets.  

    • Additional guests may view the ceremony at one of the air-conditioned satellite locations or online.  Tickets are not required for the satellite locations (Stern Center and Simons Center for the Arts). The ceremonies will also be live streamed on the website at

    • You may only sign up for tickets once.  You will not be able to access the ticket portal to make changes or request more tickets.  Please select the maximum number of tickets you will ultimately need.  

    • The name on the ticket and the name of the guest do not need to match.  Guests will not be asked to produce identification.  If you do not know the names of any or all of your guests, you can, for example, fill in your name on any or all of your tickets followed by “1”, “2”, “3” or “4” so you can keep track of which ticket is for each of your guests.

    • You will receive an email confirmation once you complete the ticket form.  This confirmation can be used to print or transmit the electronic tickets to your guests. You may also print or transmit the electronic tickets from the ticket form immediately after completion.  Please be aware of the fact that scanning technology will not allow for duplicates. So if the same ticket is mistakenly sent to more than one person, only the first guest presenting the ticket will be admitted.  Tickets with QR codes that have been altered or tickets where the QR code is not visible will not be accepted for entry. If the QR code is not visible on your ticket, please click here to see for step by step instructions.

    • Warning: Buyer beware!  Only tickets obtained through the official College of Charleston Commencement ticket process are guaranteed to be authentic.  If you purchase or acquire tickets from another source, you are solely responsible for verifying the authenticity. Guests presenting tickets with unreadable or altered QR Codes or QR Codes that have already been scanned will be refused admission. There will be no exceptions.

Questions? If you have a question that is not addressed above, please send an email to  You will receive an answer to any question not addressed above. If you need additional assistance, please contact usThe window to reserve tickets online for the 2018 Spring Commencement Ceremonies is CLOSED, and we are no longer accepting inquiries via email.