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Office of the College Resource Coordinator

Effective January 1, 2010, the College of Charleston has created the position of Resource Coordinator to assist employees, faculty, and students who encounter problems arising from the operation of the College and who request assistance in identifying the proper person, office, policy, or procedure that can best address their particular situation.

College of Charleston Resource Coordinator

Deni Mitchell
Faculty, Staff and Student Resource Coordinator

Office location
College of Charleston
66 George Street
Charleston, SC 29424-0001

Phone: 843.953.5822

The Role of the Resource Coordinator

The role of a Resource Coordinator is to act as an impartial party who gives guidance and/or explanations of policies and procedures. This role requires neutrality and confidentiality, requirements that are necessary to create trust between the persons involved in a dispute and the Resource Coordinator. Generally, communication with a Resource Coordinator is confidential. However, the Resource Coordinator is not required to maintain confidentiality regarding criminal behavior or conduct that threatens employee safety or institutional assets. The Resource Coordinator cannot change or make laws, enforce any recommendations, or change administrative actions or decisions.

Responsibilities of the Resource Coordinator

  • The primary duty of the Resource Coordinator is to listen.
  • The Resource Coordinator has the ability to offer guidance and direction as outlined in the Faculty, Staff and Student Handbooks.
  • Any irregularities presented to the Resource Coordinator are to be described in a memo. The Resource Coordinator will report these irregularities to the appropriate Agency Head.
  • As it pertains to procedural issues, the level of documentation required for the Resource Coordinator may be no more than “I certify that due process was followed.”
  • The Resource Coordinator shall explain/educate faculty, staff and students regarding policies and procedure as well as proper protocol as appropriate.

When acting in the capacity of Resource Coordinator, Deni Mitchell will report to Steve Osborne, Executive Vice President for Business Affairs and George Hynd, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Jeri Cabot, Interim Executive Vice President for Student Affairs.