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Outstanding Staff Awards

Beginning with the 2014 ExCEL Program, the Staff Awards are now divided into three categories: The Staff Member of the Year Award, The Unsung Champion Award, and Excellence in Customer Service Award.  These awards are designed to publicly recognize the outstanding performance and dedication of staff members who have made a significant impact within their division, department or office. Through exceptional job performance, staff members are able to provide outstanding service to their colleagues, students, and others on a consistent basis.

Criteria: Nominees for this award must be permanent or temporary full-time employees at the College.  Nominations should highlight any accomplishments, contributions, and achievements beyond what is expected of them in their position. Exceptional service to students, their colleagues, the College, and being regarded as a team player, are some of the areas of importance to consider a staff member for this award. The staff member demonstrates a strong commitment to supporting and enhancing the values of diversity and inclusion at the College.

Must not have received an ExCEL Award within the past three (3) years.

Staff Member of the Year  

Description: This award publicly recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of a staff member who has made a significant impact within their department or office. This staff member is able to provide excellent service to students, their colleagues, and others on a consistent basis. Building the campus community by demonstrating an exceptional ability to foster collaboration, communication, and cooperation among colleagues and members of the campus community.

The Unsung Champion

Description:  This award recognizes an individual for the hard work done behind the scenes. The Unsung Champion is considered a dedicated worker whose selfless acts of initiative and commitment often go unnoticed. The recipient has been their office’s/department's/division’s and College’s quiet advocate that continuously works to ensure the success of the organization without visible recognition. The recipient does not have to be in an administrative or in a leadership position but has the following qualities: consistently works to improve their department or division; completes tasks and duties with a high level of quality; has a positive attitude toward what they are trying to accomplish and demonstrates sincere willingness to help in whatever capacity necessary, displays dedication, humility, hard work, and leads by example.

Excellence in Customer Service Award

Description: Improved customer service for students, employees and guests and/or demonstrated a significant increase in the efficiency of an operation or unit. 

Example: Reviewing a departmental process and implementing a change that would make the process easier, more effective, and ultimately more efficient for the parties involved.

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