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Community Impact Award

Description:   Public service is about serving people and communities.  This award goes to a student who has displayed an outstanding dedication in service to the people in the community, either locally or abroad.  This nominee must have a deep commitment and passion for service.  

Criteria: Must be a full-time (12 credits or more), currently enrolled student, with a declared major, and working towards earning a degree.  Although a nominee’s GPA is not a factor in selection for student of the year, she/he must be in good standing with the College.  This student nominee has taken initiative to address a need in a community, and has inspired or encouraged others to do the same. Nominee’s actions contribute to the enrichment of a community (locally or abroad), Nominee should exhibit outstanding leadership, and/or innovative approaches in their civic engagement efforts.  Has the ability to expand partnerships amongst communities, individuals and the College campus.  Demonstrates an investment in finding solutions for challenges facing communities locally or abroad; continually supports the College’s efforts to enhance diversity and inclusion, and continually strives to make a difference in the lives of others.


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