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Jamie Shafer

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Saving the world's not a problem, just don't ask her to surf.

It’s hard to keep up with Jamie Shafer.

From the day she arrived at the College, the Ohio native made a splash – serving in the Student Government Association, on the Honor Board and raising money to help victims in war-torn Sudan.

And that’s not all. Shafer also started her own club – Americans for Informed Democracy – and travelled to Kenya, with classmates and professors, to help orphans in that country.

As one professor put it, she certainly "hit the ground running."

Looking back, Shafer, who graduated from the Honors College, says her campus involvement exposed her to many stimulating students, professors and activities. She switched her major a few times, and was happy that the College gave her the flexibility to try a variety of liberal arts and sciences classes.

"The College offers a way to explore and develop yourself," she says.

When she was able to tear herself away from campus commitments, Shafer took bike rides through the Battery, played trivia with friends in King Street restaurants and visited the beach.

Charleston's historic buildings, theater performances and festivals were just a few attractions she found lacking in other college towns. "A lot of schools I looked at were in the middle of nowhere," Shafer says.

During her final year at the College, Shafer interned with the economics department, helping organize grant-sponsored book discussions and guest lectures concerning capitalism and freedom. Much of her internship was spent with the Initiative for Public Choice and Market Process in the economics and finance department of the School of Business.

She also tried to learn to surf during trips to the beach.

"It was a slow process," Shafer said. "I could stay on the board, but I couldn’t necessarily stand up on it."