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Nivardo Vivar

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He could have gone to college almost anywhere. Then, on a trip to Charleston, the College caught his eye.

Political science and biology? If you’re thinking about a career in health policy, it’s a logical combination of majors. 

Nivardo Vivar was always interested in politics and law, so the political science major was a given. Biology, however, came as a surprise. His parents own a grocery store and many of the customers don’t speak English. “So, I often went with them to medical appointments and interpreted. I dealt with both policy and health matters firsthand.

“Once I came to the College,” Nivardo says, “I started taking biology and chemistry courses and really liked the program. Plus, I get to use another part of my brain!

“My work in political science will give me the background to effectively analyze policy, and biology will give me a closer understanding of the medical and health issues. If it all works out, I’ll end up in a profession that pushes those two areas together.”