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Sonam Bhimbra

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So, what’s up this weekend? Speed dating at Stern Center?

The Tourist? Open Mic Night? Guerrilla Girls? CAB has planned plenty of activities to keep you busy when you’re taking a break from the business of college. And Sonam Bhimbra is right in the middle of the planning and producing.

Cougar Activities Board is the student-run group responsible for programming that runs the gamut from events such as Casino Night and Cougarpalooza, to concerts, movies, graffiti parties and live performances.

“Everyone in CAB works together to bring amazing events to campus, but my committee stages things on a slightly smaller scale. Sonam chairs the Community Issues Committee, which is charged with keeping students connected to important contemporary issues. She was instrumental in bringing Jamie Twoworski of the To Write Love on Her Arms project to campus, and helped develop a College of Charleston version of The Last Lecture series.

What CAB does is give students a hand in determining a lot of the entertainment and cultural programming that happens on campus. “If there’s anything that students want to see, any issues they feel other students should be made aware of, any concerts, comedians, films or musicians they think should be brought to campus, they can make it happen. They just need to bring their ideas to CAB, or better yet, join us and become an active part of the process. We can definitely turn ideas into reality.”

Sonam is majoring in English and biology, and minoring in neuroscience – a schedule that doesn’t leave much time for extracurricular activities. However, her role in CAB, though it definitely fills up her outside-of-class time, is very important to her. “We collaborate with a variety of organizations on campus, and that brings me into contact with professors, students and the administration. I’ve learned so much. This experience is definitely something I can add to my résumé.”