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Anastasia Timina

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Her favorite movies are “Fight Club” and “Old Boy,” so it’s no surprise that Anastasia Timina teaches martial arts.

But she’s also an accomplished painter and illustrator, a studio art major, who is interested in neuroscience. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

Art has been central to Anastasia’s life almost since she moved to the U.S. from the Ukraine when she was seven. She began showing in galleries even before coming to the College, and jumped into the campus art scene right from the start. Through class assignments and independent studies, she has developed a substantial body of work.

One summer, Anastasia received a SURF grant (Summer Undergraduate Research with Faculty) to create new pieces and study San Francisco’s art scene. She and her faculty mentor visited museums and galleries, and spent time behind the scenes where she soaked up the intricacies of mounting an art exhibit. “This project was an important stepping stone for my career because it was crucial to the development of my artistic voice and style,” she explains.

Anastasia also blogs about art, life and her experiences as an artist. Regarding one painting that she sold, she wrote: “It was such a fun piece to do. I experimented with several layers of paint, scratching into the surface with my palette knife. That was an earlier piece, but I like that I can see my own evolution in it.”

That evolution seems set on an upward trajectory. After graduation, Anastasia intends to fully support herself as a studio artist. For those who know her – and her work – success in this realm won’t come as a surprise at all.