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Printing & Copying


Students are allocated 300 pages free black and white printing three times a year (fall, spring, and summer.)  After this allocation is used, further pages are .05 each payable only through your Cougar Card.  Color printing is available at a cost of .35 per page.

To put money on your Cougar Card, please visit the vending machine in the copy room on the first floor of the Addlestone Library or Cougar Card Services.

Visit the Student Computing Support Center Blog for answers to frequently asked questions about printing.

Printing is broken up into two separate steps:

First, using these instructions, select a printer and choose print from a lab computer, a dialog box will pop up asking for your username/password. Enter your Cougars domain username and password.  (This is the same as your edisto account username and password.)  After you have done this, it will give you a confirmation dialog box stating the print job has been received at the printer.

Second, go to the release station that is next to the printer you selected and release the job using these instructions. Log into the release station using your Cougars Domain username/password, select your print job from the list shown, and click on print. The dialog box will ask if you want to use your allocation account to do this.  Click yes to release your job to the printer.  If you have used all of your allocated pages you will need to choose 'Blackboard' from the menu and then swipe your Cougar Card when prompted.


Self-Serve copiers are available throughout the Addlestone Library, including the 1st floor Copy Room, the Computer Lab, and the 3rd floor Copy Room.

  • Black-and-white copies are $0.10 cash or $0.08 with a Cougar Card.
  • Color copies are $0.35.

If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by the Student Computing Support Desk or contact them by email at or by phone at (843) 953-5457.