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Graduation Application and Graduation Fee

Graduation Application

Seniors completing degree requirements in the Fall 2015 term must apply to graduate online August 20 - October 1, 2015.  Go directly to: for all information, contacts, and access to MyCharleston. Fall graduates have 2 options for commencement—click here* for information.     

     *if information is not up-to-date, please check back later

Late application can be made after the Oct. 1st deadline by contacting the Registrar’s Office ( for a paper form; late applicants must pay a $50 graduation fee (includes a $25 late charge).  Please apply on time! 

Seniors who will graduate spring or summer 2016 should not apply to graduate now.  See schedule for applying below.

Important:  Before you can submit your graduation application, you will be directed to acknowledge you have read, and agree to abide by, the College’s “Graduation Drug & Alcohol Policy” (GDAP).  You must sign off on this regardless of your intent to participate in the ceremony.  You MUST return to the application AFTER you submit the GDAP.  You may check to ensure your application was successfully submitted by “viewing” your graduation application (see directions below**).  

  • Fall term graduation online application deadline is:         October 1st     (opened Aug 17th)
  • Spring term graduation online application deadline is:     February 1st   (opens Dec. 22nd)
  • Summer term graduation online application deadline is:  March 15th     (opens Feb. 8th)

**You can view your submitted Graduation Application by going to your MyCharleston account and following this path: Academic Services (tab)→Banner Self-Service→Student→Student Records→View Application to Graduate. If needed, use the Graduation Update form to make changes to your graduation information after you initially apply. 

Click here to find information on commencement ceremony eligibility:

**Please be advised, participation in the December or May Ceremony does not equal graduation. Students must meet all graduation requirements before a degree is conferred and the diploma awarded.** 

Graduation Fee

The $25.00 graduation fee is due when you apply to graduate.  If you have more than one major and you get charged twice, please send an email to so we can adjust your fee.  Late applicants are also charged a $25.00 late fee.   Follow this link for details:

*** Dates subject to change without notice ***