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Campus Participation

The College of Charleston has invited the campus community to help us develop a strategic plan for our future. The process involves defining our purpose and core values; our envisioned future; and the strategies for achieving that vision.

Focus Group Subcommittee

As part of this process, we asked for responses to the following focus group question: From your perspective, what improvements in the College of Charleston are necessary for it to be recognized as a world-class institution?

The Focus Group Subcommittee had 34 focus group sessions containing over 280 participants. Groups interviewed include: Academic Advising staff, Academic Council, Parent Advisory Board, faculty, emeritus faculty, staff, students, alumni, Board of Trustees, South Carolina legislators and the Charleston community. Also, 128 people responded to the virtual survey.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) Subcommittee

The SWOT Subcommittee asked the entire College unit by unit to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats that should be considered in charting our future course as an institution. Each department or division had a coordinator and that person facilitated the SWOT participation. Below are some items they considered:

Strengths – Attributes of your unit and/or the institution that contribute to the success of the College. Questions: What do we brag about? What are we good at?

Weaknesses – Attributes of your unit and/or institution that are harmful to the College. Questions: What do we try to hide? What are things we’re not so good at?

Opportunity – External conditions (outside the College – e.g., the community, the State, the environment) that are helpful to achieving the objective. Question: What situations might the College use to its advantage?

Threat – External conditions that are harmful to achieving the objective. Question: What factors might limit or harm us?

115 units contributed 4,535 responses with an overall response rate of 93 percent.


If you have ideas, comments or questions, contact the Office of the President at or 843.953.5500.