Software Engineering

Graduate Certificate

Software Engineering

(12 Credit Hours)

In the Carolina Lowcountry and across the U.S., there’s a growing demand for software engineers. Major employers, particularly those in the defense and business industries within the Charleston region, are increasingly interested in employees who specialize in this field.

That’s why the Department of Computer Science developed this certificate, which can be completed in the span of a single semester. In addition, faculty in this department stay current regarding the latest trends and technologies in software engineering, meaning that state-of-the-art advances are incorporated into the classroom and curricula.


Successful students will:

  • demonstrate the use of good software development models and techniques.
  • will be able to evaluate alternative designs and architectures for a software application.
  • demonstrate the ability to effectively work in a team.
  • be prepared for employment without investing in a traditional 33-hour master’s degree program in software engineering.


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Application Deadlines

Priority: January 15
Final: July 1

Priority: January 15
Final: April 1

Priority: November 1
Final: December 1

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program director

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