Arts Management

Interdisciplinary Minor


“I chose the arts management minor because it really enhances my degree in business. This program encompasses a unique fusion of business and the arts, and to me, that means it will be an important advantage when I begin applying for jobs.”
– Caroline Kraich ’12

Theatres. Museums. Galleries. These places typically come to mind when you hear the phrase arts management, but they’re only part of the picture. Arts management is a broad field where people who love being around the arts can work in almost any setting – from corporations to restaurants and from municipalities to rock bands.

Our minor in arts management places a strong emphasis on nonprofit organizations, but professionals in this field can include band promoters and special-event planners as well as museum and art gallery directors. Whether you’re scheduling exhibitions for the Smithsonian Institution, lining up acts for a festival or negotiating contracts for musicians, you’re working in arts management.

At the College of Charleston, we offer a broad-based curriculum to support this program. Some of the courses in this program include:

  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Fundraising and Grant Writing for the Arts
  • Principles and Practices in Arts Management
  • Music Appreciation: The Art of Listening

Our program is tied closely to the College’s School of Business, so our students build a strong foundation in marketing, accounting and economics – the business of the arts.

This is one of the few colleges in the Southeast – and the only one in South Carolina – that offers both a minor and a major in arts management. In addition, Charleston’s role as an arts destination presents unique opportunities for internships, research projects and networking that can range from positions with the world-famous Spoleto Festival USA to serving as an extra in movies and TV shows that are produced here.

If you're interested in supporting the work of artists – whether they're musicians, dancers, poets, painters, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers or they work in some other media – check out the College of Charleston's Arts Management Program. 

Contact Information

Chris Burgess
Program Director