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Alizey Khan came to the College of Charleston because of the Arts Management Program – one of the few in the country designed expressly for undergraduate students. What’s the best thing about it? The fact that it’s truly career oriented. “There’s a strong focus here on getting students into the field professionally, and for me, that’s huge.”

Alizey knows that working in the arts management field is about far more than gallery exhibitions or museum programming. That’s why she appreciates the broad scope of courses taught in this program. Financial accounting is a required class, as are courses in business law and economics. Alizey was particularly enthusiastic about her class in marketing, fundraising and grant writing.

“In that course, I had to assemble an entire marketing and fundraising portfolio for an arts organization. Included in that were detailed grant proposals. Now, I’ll be able to show prospective employers that I’ve been through that process. That’s a skill that I can use in the future no matter what I do.”

When Alizey heard that this program emphasizes internships, she knew that it would be a perfect fit for her. “In just a few years, I’ve helped organize exhibitions, and installed sculptures, huge photographs and paintings at a number of galleries in town, as well as at the College’s Halsey Institute. In the process, I’ve also been able to work alongside the artists, and that has given me a unique perspective.”

Another big advantage are the opportunities that only a place such as Charleston can provide. “This location is incredible. Charleston has such an active arts scene, and that translates into different learning opportunities. I can choose between high-end art galleries or grassroots-style art collectives. Also, I can just drop by an art studio right near campus that one of my professors manages and observe the work she is doing.”

Interested in arts management and want real-world education in the field? Check out our program.

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Karen Chandler
program director
Arts Management Program

Ours is one of the few arts management programs in the Southeast for undergraduates, and the only one in South Carolina offering a major and minor. the program is uniquely situated in a vibrant city with a flourishing arts community. students have numerous opportunities for internships, career networking, independent studies and special projects. in addition, our faculty members all have strong professional connections and broad experience – both regionally and nationally – within the arts.

❱❱ Local artists, administrators and managers augment our course offerings. for instance, “Introduction to the Music Industry” is taught by Grammy award-winning musician Mark Bryan of Hootie and the Blowfish.