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Georgia Schrubbe

Georgia Schrubbe is always looking for a good story. She’s a writer and editor for – the online student newspaper. Human-interest pieces are her real passion, and what she likes most is pushing boundaries for her readers. As a communication major, she’s creating quite a narrative of her own.

Georgia is a blogger, a journalist, a feature writer and an occasional news hound. It seems like she is always writing, which is how it’s been since high school when she wrote for and edited the school newspaper. She’s known for a long time that the more experience she gets as a writer, the better she’ll become at the craft.

“I’m really excited about working on the Yard,” she says (a printed quarterly publication that she helped develop). “As one of the feature editors, I’m responsible for generating content and setting the tone. I love being able to play out the interests I have, and the pieces I write are fun. We like to publish articles like restaurant reviews or personality profiles that are fresh and up to date. For instance, for one feature, I got to take an advanced yoga course taught by an amazing freshman. I love learning about interesting people and connecting with them.”

Georgia says much of her coursework in this major directly complements her interest in writing. “The interviewing course I took was probably the best class I’ll ever have. You learn so much in that class – stuff you can use every day, every time you’re writing a story. It has really helped me to become more effective when I’m in conversation, because I actually know what I want to find out from my subjects and now I do it effectively.”

So, where will all this preparation lead for Georgia? “I don’t know. I probably change my mind on a weekly basis about what work I’d like to do, but I feel like the communication major is so versatile that you can change your mind every week and you’ll still be developing the tools that you need to get to wherever you want to go.”

Program Information

Our department is one of the largest in the Southeast, with more than 24 full-time and 20 part-time professors and instructors whose collective expertise spans the spectrum from debate to social media, and from corporate communications to media law. In addition, our Advisory Council is made up of an outstanding and nationally prominent group of communication professionals from a wide variety of disciplines, including corporate communications, advertising, journalism, government service and the non-profit sector.


  • Our integrated curriculum covers a broad range of topics in communication including public relations, political communication, ethics, mass media, organizational communication, health communication and digital media production.
  • Our majors have highly personalized and individualized experiences with two year-long course sequences at the beginning and end of the major with significant focus on oral, written and visual communication.


  • Members of our Advisory Council speak to classes and mentor students through the mentor-protege program.
  • All majors are encouraged to complete internships, and they have access to the department’s full-time internship director.
  • Students can join the Public Relations Student Society of America and Lambda Pi Alpha (the national communication honor society).