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Early Childhood Education

Compassionate, inquisitive, motivated and energetic. That pretty much describes Tyler Andersen. For a long time, she’s wanted to be a teacher. Now, through the early childhood education program at the College, she’s found the ideal way to hone her skills and cement her career plans.

Child development fascinates Tyler. Specifically, she’s interested in teaching children who are learning English as a second language. “I want to ensure that they have the same opportunities as other children,” she says.

When researching colleges, Tyler looked closely at their education programs. “I learned that the professors here represent different walks of life; they’ve actually taught all over the world. Because of their broad experiences, they push students to think in new ways. I’ve since discovered the advantage of having our field experiences take place in all types of schools – urban, suburban and rural.”

Tyler knows it’s important that all of her classes have included practical applications, connecting methodology and theory with what actually goes on in a classroom. Some of that has taken place right on campus in the College’s N.E. Miles Early Childhood Development Center, where Tyler has spent time observing children ages three to five.

“Throughout this program, our professors use modeling and role-playing to teach us how to teach,” she says. “In our science methods class, we did the same experiments that children do. In another course, we learned how to incorporate physical activity into the classroom, using movement to keep kids alert and help them learn. I love it. It’s the best way for me to really understand what will happen when I teach.”

Tyler is helping to develop a manual for teachers who work with the Cofan Indians in Ecuador. “What’s important to me is that this work will be relevant to any teacher who is working with students that represent diverse backgrounds. That’s really why I want to teach.”

Early Childhood Education - Tyler Anderson

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Department of Teacher Education

Early childhood education majors explore the physical, social, intellectual and emotional development of young children. They get hands-on experience at schools in our community as well as at the N.E. Miles Early Childhood Development Center on campus. In addition, they work with dedicated faculty whose specialties range from kinetic learning to literacy development.

❱❱ Our graduates are actively recruited by schools in South Carolina.

❱❱ Our students’ PRAXIS II exam scores are well above state and national averages.

❱❱ Our program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).