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When he came to the college, Salvador Lopez knew that he wanted to study French, and maybe even major in it. His first French class was so engaging, he took two more, and things just started rolling from there. After studying abroad and immersing himself in French culture, there’s no looking back.

“Those first few courses were very interactive with lots of discussion. I learned a lot about French grammar and other elements of the language,” says Salvador. “But what I really like about this major is the rich culture. In particular, French literature is phenomenal, and we get to read some really engaging works.”

Salvador was also drawn to this major because of the global nature of French. “You’ll find French speakers in Africa, the Pacific islands, throughout areas of Asia and beyond. But it’s not just language and literature, there are also business courses in French offered at the College. That’s actually one of the great advantages of this major, the wide array of courses to choose from.”

In a course on18th century French literature, he says “We read a number of authors whose work examined issues such as women’s experience, politics and gender roles. I ended up writing a paper about Denis Diderot, the philosopher, art critic and author who wrote Philosophical Thoughts and other works.”

A highlight for Salvador was spending a semester abroad in Lille, France. “That was amazing, and really, all the experiences I’m having in this major are preparing me for what I’d like to do in the future, which is work as a French teacher, possibly in a private high school.”

Salvador's final project for the major is a Bachelor's Essay that focuses on the French influence in North Africa, particularly in Algiers. He says that he wants "to examine intercultural relationships and explore how those have affected the course of history in that region. And maybe, after teaching for a few years, I'll explore that further in graduate school."


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