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Did you know that more than 1,200 German companies operate in the Southeast? That studying German language and culture can complement many academic fields? And that Germany has the fourth largest GDP in the world? Meet Ben Simpson. He knows these things, and he’s taking full advantage of them.

Ben is a German major, and he says what has impressed him most in this department is the faculty. “The professors are phenomenal. If I don’t catch them in their offices, I’ve never gone more than two hours without an email response. They really are supportive and bend over backwards to ensure that their students succeed.”

He says one of the best German courses he’s taken was a conversation class. “I was fairly proficient when I came to the College, but I wasn’t fluent. In that class, we had to give speeches in front of the class. The professor didn’t let anyone slide on homework and he made sure we were practicing and studying. He forced us to use the language and I became more comfortable with it as a result.”

Ben also likes how applicable this major is. “I’m also a history minor, and I took a class on the Inquisition in history. I was also taking a class entitled Mystery Thrillers in German Culture. For our final project in the German class, I wrote a short mystery and ended up adapting a lesson from the Inquisition course for my story. It’s cool to see how you can mix the study of German with other disciplines.”

So where will his major take him? “Being a German major doesn’t mean I have to teach. Actually, German is one of the most important languages for people in business throughout the world. If you’re interested in business, translation, international politics, pretty much anything, this major can be a tremendous advantage because it’s super versatile.”


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Morgan Koerner
department chair
Department of German and Russian Studies

Ours is one of the top German programs in the Southeast. Our students study the language, literature, cinema and culture of German-speaking Europe. Knowledge of German is important for anyone in international commerce, research and technology. That’s why our faculty members are experts in a wide range of fields from cinema to performance, business to translation and sports to literature.

❱❱ Our department is the only authorized testing site in South Carolina for the internationally recognized Goethe Institut proficiency exams.

❱❱ One in five jobs in South Carolina is either directly or indirectly affected by the $14 billion that the state of Germany has invested here over the past 15 years.