International Business

Ryan Faucher has known since the seventh grade that he wanted to study business. So, he enrolled in the College’s Honors Business Program. “That was great. I got to sample the flavor of the business school my freshman year and it gave me the advantage of deciding what I wanted to focus on right away.”

It didn’t take Ryan long to figure out that international business would be his focus. “I liked the opportunities in this program. I liked that I got to take geography courses and other topics that gave me an enlightened perspective.”

This major requires that students study abroad, and Ryan actually did that twice. “I took an intensive course in Innsbruck, Austria. That was an awesome experience. Over the span of three weeks, we had three courses – international marketing, international management, and international human resource management.”

He also enrolled in a semester-long program in Madrid where the courses he took ranged well beyond business. “I was able to study sociology, moving image history and media technology. That last class gave me the opportunity to learn how to edit video and sound, and to use high-tech video cameras.”

Ryan also managed to do four internships. “My first was a summer role with UBS Financial Services, working with a wealth management team. It was amazing because we were in charge of a $240-million portfolio, and my job involved picking potential equities to add to it.”

Perhaps his most engaging internship was one he secured through the College’s Global Business Resource Center, working for a local Charleston company that manufactures and distributes folding kayaks. “I was charged with writing an international expansion plan for the company. They’re interested in the South American market. That was a great opportunity for me.”

Where will this major take Ryan? He isn’t certain exactly, but he knows this background will help him hit the ground running when the time comes.

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Rene Mueller
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Department of Management
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This program provides students with a multi-dimensional and applied-learning perspective, allowing graduates to successfully navigate a globally competitive business world. Students in this program must minor in a foreign language, regional studies or a global area. In addition, they must study abroad for some portion of their degree.

❱❱ Our faculty includes 10 NASBITE™ certified global business professionals and 17 global scholars.

❱❱ The Global Business Resource Center in the School of Business provides important resume-building opportunities for students.

❱❱ Majors can study 11 different languages, including Arabic, Hindi, Russian and Japanese, and can choose from 13 different areas of cultural study for a minor.