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Meet Deidre Carr - mother, student, assistant store manager, activist and future change agent. She’s got big plans for addressing issues in low-income housing, and the Urban Studies Program is giving her the background to excel in that work. You can bet that after graduation, she’ll be a force to reckon with.

Before transferring to the College, Deidre was a public housing administrator. That experience helped her devise creative solutions to challenges faced by low-income housing programs. Her urban studies major will be the key for her to implement some of those solutions.

“I want to have an impact on the community as a whole, and good urban planning can do that. It can make a difference for housing. It can impact economic development and transportation – and even education. I also love that it involves studying sociology, economics, political science, city and regional planning, and in my case, historic preservation as well. So it provides me the full picture.”

To get a better grasp on a career in urban studies, Deidre applied for and received a scholarship to a four-day workshop in Los Angeles for students interested in advanced degrees in this field. “We toured housing projects and the fashion and produce districts, and we networked with professionals, professors and doctoral students in this discipline. It was a great opportunity. It really teaches you how to articulate your ideas, and when it comes time for me to apply to grad school, I’ll have a strong advantage.”

For the required practicum in the program, Deidre will be interning with a local planning firm, examining disparities in affordable housing. “That will become part of my portfolio. For any student, that’s huge. Whether you’re interested in graduate school or seeking employment in the field, this demonstrates that you’ve put your coursework into action.”

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Melinda Lucka Kelley
program director
Urban Studies Program

Urban studies is multidisciplinary. It’s taught by faculty from business, economics, real estate, history, sociology, political science and historic preservation. Our program gives students the foundation they need to understand the problems and the potential of the city and its environment. We offer two concentrations: urban policy and social problems, and urban planning and administration. Our graduates have gone on to work as:

❱❱ City and regional planners.

❱❱ Public administrators.

❱❱ Real estate developers.

❱❱ Educators.