Women's and Gender Studies

Interdisciplinary Minor


“WGS provides the best sort of community — the kind where you feel free to explore intellectual and interpersonal pursuits in ways you might never have before. You’ll learn that we’re all part of a deeply flawed world, and that the resources to exist for you to radically improve it.”
– Charlie Shipley ’06

Why should anyone study motherhood? Or for that matter, sexuality or masculinity? What about the role of women in politics or the dynamics of gender within social institutions? These are central concerns in women’s and gender studies. And, if you want to examine society and history through a nontraditional lens, this is the discipline for you.

At the College of Charleston, our WGS program explores the intersections of gender, class, race, ethnicity, age, religion and sexuality. The courses we teach allow you to immerse yourself in the study of women and gender in different cultures, contexts and time periods. We discuss complex cultural issues — from historical to contemporary controversies — and teach students to think on their feet and develop a range of analytical approaches.

The professors you’ll work with in this program — more than 45 in all — represent a variety of academic interests, specialties and disciplines, including English, theatre, biology, philosophy, history, political science, communication, physical education, art history, Hispanic studies, anthropology, psychology and more. That gives you tremendous latitude in selecting courses, which means that you can easily structure this minor to complement your major field of study, whether it’s theatre, economics, education or computer science.

Most importantly, the experience and knowledge you will gain by choosing the minor in women’s and gender studies can give you a distinct advantage for future employment or graduate study. Not only does this program introduce you to relevant social issues, it also:

  • fosters critical thinking.
  • develops strong verbal, writing and research skills.
  • encourages social advocacy.
  • emphasizes diversity.
  • gives you valuable, real-life experience.

Want to know more about social justice or the relationship between research and activism? Check out our Women’s and Gender Studies program.

Contact Information

Kris De Welde
Program Director

Christy Kollath-Cattano
Associate Program Director