Distinguished Faculty in Sustainability Literacy Award

Distinguished Faculty in Sustainability Literacy Award Nomination Form

Purpose: The Distinguished Faculty Award in Sustainability Literacy honors a faculty member who typifies high standards in sustainability literacy through their teaching, service, and/or research.  Recipients will evidence such high standards based on a summary, with data provided, of the below set of award qualifications.

Qualifications:  The below qualifications for receiving the award mirror the best practices of sustainability literacy as outlined in the College’s QEP, itself developed by evaluating existing best practices of sustainability literacy in higher education.

  1. The award is open to faculty of any rank.
  2. Evidence of having taught at least two sustainability related QEP courses within the last two academic years.
  3. Evidence of service work related to sustainability literacy on campus.  This will include at least two of the following categories:
    1. Serving on a “Sustainability Literacy as a Bridget to Addressing 21st Century Problems” Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) subcommittee (current or past service);
    2. Evidence of willingness to be a sustainability literacy scholars mentor, and ideally evidence of such mentorship;
    3. Applying for and receiving SLI minigrant funds to host at least 1 sustainability event within the last two academic years;
    4. Completion of a May QEP faculty workshop;
    5. Organizing and hosting a sustainability literacy faculty training/workshop;
    6. Lastly, service work related to sustainability that was completed prior to the current QEP will count as a qualification.
  4. Evidence of participating in, and ideally receiving, a faculty certificate in sustainability literacy (to begin in academic year 2020-2021);
  5. While not required, evidence of academic publications and/or presentations related to social, environmental, and economic systems and understanding and solving 21st century problems.  Nominees should provide a detailed list, and short description of, the last three years of relevant sustainability publications and/or presentations.
  6. A letter of recommendation from a student, staff, or faculty member at the College.  This letter should articulate reasons why the faculty member is worthy of being recognized as a Distinguished Faculty of Sustainability Literacy while addressing the above award requirements.  Faculty are able to recommend themselves for the award. 

Award: The annual winner will receive from the Sustainability Literacy Institute a $500 award and a certificate of award.

  1. Funding will come from this QEP budget line-item: 13) Orientation Camp/Convocation/Workshops.  Faculty and Staff stipends to help run sustainability teaching events with new students.  $2,500 per year for $12,500.

Rationale:  This award will raise the profile of the SLI amongst faculty; help cultivate good will between the SLI and faculty; provide evidence that the College is committed to recognizing and rewarding sustainability literacy in its faculty, especially when such literacy is of high standards; and will incentivize faculty engagement with sustainability literacy within the above categories.

Selection: The SLI will send a faculty-wide email each January soliciting nominees.  It is hoped that the College will also email staff and students.  The SLI website will also host a page on this award.  Nomination materials will be managed by google forms and be facilitated through the SLI website.  At least three members of the QEP Implementation Committee will work with the SLI Director and SLI Fellows to evaluate nominees based on the above criteria.  The winner will be notified and a minor award ceremony held in April of each academic year.