Steering Committee

President Andrew Hsu appointed a strategic planning steering committee to help analyze the feedback from our campus community and develop the final strategic plan for approval. The steering committee was co-chaired by Interim Provost Fran Welch and Chief of Staff Paul Patrick. 

The steering committee met monthly until the strategic plan was developed in April 2020. 

The steering committee membership is below.

Todd McNerney
Associate Dean
School of the Arts

Kate Tiller
Assistant AD for Student-Athlete Academic Services, Athletics

Renée Romberger
Board of Trustees

Demetria Clemons
Vice Chair
Board of Trustees

Wayne Smith
Hospitality and Tourism Management

Trisha Folds-Bennett
Honors College

Godfrey Gibbison
Dean, School of Professional Studies, and Interim Dean, Graduate School

Tim Johnson
Dean, School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs

John Morris
Vice President
Facilities Management

Jeff Kinard
Chair, College of Charleston Foundation Board of Directors

Chris Tobin
Executive Vice President
Institutional Advancement

Fran Welch
Ex-Officio: Interim Provost and Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs

Paul Patrick
Ex-Officio: Chief of Staff, Office of the President

Jordan Ragusa
Associate Professor
Political Science

Xenia Mountrouidou
Assistant Professor
Computer Science

Simon Lewis
Speaker of the Faculty
Professor of English

Keonya Booker
Associate Professor
Teacher Education

Silvia Rodriguez Sabater
Associate Professor

John Douglas
Cougar Club

David Ginn
President and CEO, Charleston Regional Development Alliance

Melantha Ardrey
Chair, Staff Advisory Council to the President, Director of Residence Life

Kimberly Gertner
Director, Office of Equal Opportunity Programs

Zach Hartje
Deputy CIO
Information Technology

Aron Kuch
Executive Director
Enrollment Information

Mikey Zinn
Graduate Student Association

George Hicks
Student Government Assocation

Michael Renault
President, College of Charleston Alumni Association Board of Directors