Continuing and Professional Education

Maybe you're looking to gain skills to advance in your career, or you need CEUs to keep up with your certifications. Maybe you're looking to ace a professional certification exam. Whatever your goals are, the College of Charleston is here to help.


For Professionals

The School of Business understands the importance of building new skills. We provide executive education, professional development, exam preparation and other education opportunities for non-degree seeking students. From custom leadership programs to exam prep boot camps, the School of Business will help you meet your professional goals.

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For Educators

The School of Education, through the Office of Professional Development in Education, offers professional development courses in collaboration with schools, districts and other agencies. These rigorous graduate-level professional development courses meet the academic standards of the College of Charleston while addressing district or organizational needs.

The Office of Professional Development in Education also provides cohort programs for critical need areas. Cohort courses may also count toward an advanced degree.

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For Lifelong Learners

Anyone can audit a course at the College of Charleston. This program is particularly popular with our 60+ population, who can take courses tuition-free. All you need to do is apply as a non-degree seeking student. Auditing courses is a fun way to enrich your life, but remember, these courses will not count toward a degree.

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Adult Degree Completion Program

If you started your degree-seeking program at the College of Charleston or another university and are looking to continue your education to earn a degree, check out the Bachelor of Professional Studies program.

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