College of Charleston professors are teachers, scholars, mentors and lifelong friends.

Martin Jones teaches an 8:00 a.m. Introduction to Statistics class to people who dread the very idea of an 8:00 a.m. class. Somehow, he’s one of the most popular professors on campus. That’s because Jones – like all of his colleagues at the College of Charleston – exhibits a genuine passion for his subject that’s nothing short of infectious.

Every day, College of Charleston professors share their enthusiasm, expertise and wholehearted dedication to teaching with their students. Because of our appealing location in downtown Charleston – the cultural hub of the Southeast – we attract and retain the caliber of faculty that other colleges dream about.

One of our longtime physics and astronomy professors recently discovered the largest object in the universe (the Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall). A professor in the Department of Hispanic Studies is perennially ranked in the top five nationally by RateMyProfessor.com. In addition, our professors are Fulbright and Guggenheim fellows, career award winners from the National Science Foundation and Oprah’s Book Club authors.

These faculty accolades, while impressive on their own, are even more remarkable when you consider the level of engagement and attention these accomplished scholars and professionals devote to their students. They are committed mentors who make sure that every student has the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential. College of Charleston professors are partners in meaningful undergraduate research, thoughtful academic advisors, and in many cases, lifelong friends.

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